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What Our Customers Say

Andrew and Jess... are great natural entertainers, who have a fine-tuned gauge of when to keep things light and when to get a bit more serious.

Jess and Andrew are excellent quiz masters. They put together relevant, varied and funny quizzes and make it fun for all participants.

Guy L

Vanessa V

"One of the few upsides of the pandemic was the fun evenings provided by the Twin Town trivia team..."

Shawn C

Brilliant beyond belief! Such a fun time! Great energy, amazing questions and just a party all around!

Sapna M

The best trivia in Toronto. Jess and Andrew are great trivia hosts

Jennifer E

Jess and Andrew are always enthusiastic and energetic. I appreciate how they support local businesses who provide prizes during their games. I would highly recommend TwinTownTrivia for your trivia event

Evelyn R

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