Jess and Andrew's Headshots

Your Quizmasters

Twin brothers Andrew and Jess Zalameda have been hooked on trivia ever since they were given the Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edition at the age of ten. And while the two of them probably couldn’t tell you where their keys or wallets are at the moment, they could probably recite to you the starting line-up of the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays or every word of the script of The Breakfast Club with very little problem.

They first started creating pop culture trivia quizzes in 2013 for one-off nights in Toronto. When Andrew and his family moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2016, he started hosting bi-monthly trivia nights for his Canadian ex-pat co-workers. Meanwhile, Jess created trivia quizzes for corporate parties or team-building events for Microsoft, Tilley Endurables, TESL Toronto, and EC Toronto.

TwinTownTrivia began writing and presenting quizzes in 2018.

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